About Us

We are a team interested in promoting the benefits of giving and gratitude within our community. We do this through community campaigns and strategic work for business.

Karma Police is a social enterprise, promoting giving and gratitude within our community through simple campaigns focused on raising awareness of needs within our immediate and global community. It also delivers corporate social responsibility strategy for businesses seeking to improve their social environmental credentials.

Karma Police isn’t aligned with any official NGO network, non-for-profit or charity organisation, it works independently to uphold its objectivity. It chooses organisations, campaigns and projects that it is passionate about to channel its fundraising efforts. These entities are those that conduct effective work within the community, environment, for social justice, animal welfare, youth, and finance, importantly with detailed accountability.

All funds that donors allocate to supporting Karma Police campaigns are used to support staff by way of; salaries, travel, resources and tools. 100% of funds that are allocated to our charity partners are used only for this end, with a high level of reporting and transparency dedicated to fulfill this outcome.

Our work provides a number of ways to support our initiatives by the community and business, these include purchasing our annual membership, volunteering, sponsoring a campaign or providing a campaign much needed resources.