Changing Fines

The catalyst of our Karma Campaigns, an initiative that strikes at the chord of many of us who were just that little bit late getting back to top up the meter. Our volunteers actively hit the streets of large cities to top up meters within the legal parameters to prevent people from acquiring expensive fines.

The objective here is to simply provide motorists an extra 15 – 20 mins ‘grace’ in order to allow for the occasions where circumstances prevent them getting back in time to feed the meter.

If we have saved you a dollar or two or simply tried to in the event you may receive one and would like to say thanks, there are two ways to direct your gratitude.

  1. Donate to Karma Police to keep funding this initiative.
  2. Donate to one of twenty Karma Partners doing great things in the areas; of the environment, social justice, animal welfare, indigenous affairs, youth, microfinance, 3rd world, aged care and asylum seekers.

100% of all donations go to their intended Karma Police campaign or partner to use specifically for the initiative outlined.