Coffee Run

Workplaces rarely tick without some sort of a coffee run in place at various times of the day. Most Australians have acquired the taste of good coffee so the office espresso machine usually just won’t do.

Our teams of Karma Police volunteers have heard the call and are equipped to provide your staff with a coffee hit sure to help them through a busy day. Teaming up with local producers and cafe’s, Karma Police are working hard to introduce a weekly coffee run that will bring a smile to your employees faces and we hope to those who support the initiative and those in need who benefit.

Coffee Cups are placed at each work place for those seeking to support the initiative. Our campaign cards are also left behind for those seeking to show their gratitude towards one of our partners.

If you have had the pleasure of a Karma Police Coffee and would really like to show your gratitude, there are two ways to direct your gratitude.

  1. Donate to Karma Police to keep funding this initiative.
  2. Donate to one of twenty Karma Partners doing great things in the areas; of the environment, social justice, animal welfare, indigenous affairs, youth, microfinance, 3rd world, aged care and asylum seekers.

100% of all donations go to their intended Karma Police campaign or partner to use specifically for the initiative outlined.