The Matinee

There is such a gift to be given through music and often musicians are some of the most giving in what they do. Karma Police works with a network of very talented musicians who are keen to give to those in need through a special initiative we have created called; ‘The Matinee’.

Long gone are the days that musicians or actors would perform matinee’s for the public to enjoy during the day. For many economic and social reasons the matinee has become a feature of the past.

Karma Police are eager to bring this quality custom back to the streets of Australia and as a result give the public some enjoyable lunch options in exchange hopefully raising some awareness and funds for those in need.

A Matinee Guide will be developed shortly to let you know where you can grab some lunch and see some of our wonderful artist perform.

In the interim if you are an artist and would like to perform for one of our Matinee events please make contact via and we will be in touch.