Mums & Bub’s Workout

This initiative is aimed at mothers who are seeking a social and physical outlet during the day where previously not possible due to financial, logistical or child care reasons.

Our Karma Police Personal Trainers run a weekly one hour session where mothers can come with their children and for a light to medium work out. This collaborative model aims to facilitate not only a time in which personal fitness goals can be achieved but an integrated social environment for mum’s and bub’s.

Workouts include cardio, strength training, flexibility, toning and weights. It is open for mum’s with kids and those with kids at school.

If you have experienced one of our work out sessions for Mum’s and would like to say thanks, there are two ways you can direct your gratitude.

  1. Donate to Karma Police to keep funding this initiative.
  2. Donate to one of twenty Karma Partners doing great things in the areas; of the environment, social justice, animal welfare, indigenous affairs, youth, microfinance, 3rd world, aged care and asylum seekers.

100% of all donations go to their intended Karma Police campaign or partner to use specifically for the initiative outlined.