Karma Police have created a whole bunch of campaigns that aim to help people in our community on a day-to-day basis and in return we hope that the gratitude people wish to show will help those in worse off communities.

The ethos of Karma Police is that ’through giving we receive’. It isn’t until many of us experience loss or adversity do we feel compassion for those in need to which many receive a change of heart.

Our campaigns are designed to create a conversation and an action about giving and how this gift can change people’s lives. That’s why we practice what we preach and we dedicate our energy toward giving our local communities small gifts that they value. So whether it’s washing cars, walking dogs, topping up a parking meter, visiting an elderly citizen or putting on a Sunday roast, our volunteer teams are ready to give you a hand.

All campaigns are managed responsibly in accordance with local laws and are co-ordinated to ensure they are refined to a best practice standard. Volunteers are briefed then monitored before being sent out on a regular basis to ensure the community we are interacting with is safe.

Corporate partners can get involved with Karma Police by sponsoring a campaign for 6-12 months. This sponsorship can be in the form of resources, facilities, products or financially. Karma Corporate work hard to ensure corporations involved in our campaigns get a healthy amount of recognition throughout all the touchpoints of the campaign.

Current Campaigns

The Matinee


There is such a gift to be given through music and often musicians are some of the most giving in what they do. Karma Police works with a network of very talented musicians who are keen to give to those in need through a special initiative we have created called; ‘The Matinee’. Long gone are… Read more »

Coffee Run

Coffee Run Banner

Workplaces rarely tick without some sort of a coffee run in place at various times of the day. Most Australians have acquired the taste of good coffee so the office espresso machine usually just won’t do. Our teams of Karma Police volunteers have heard the call and are equipped to provide your staff with a… Read more »

Mums & Bub’s Workout


This initiative is aimed at mothers who are seeking a social and physical outlet during the day where previously not possible due to financial, logistical or child care reasons. Our Karma Police Personal Trainers run a weekly one hour session where mothers can come with their children and for a light to medium work out…. Read more »

Changing Fines

Changing Fines Banner

The catalyst of our Karma Campaigns, an initiative that strikes at the chord of many of us who were just that little bit late getting back to top up the meter. Our volunteers actively hit the streets of large cities to top up meters within the legal parameters to prevent people from acquiring expensive fines…. Read more »