Karma Police


Monday 9th December marked the launch of the first street campaigns that Karma Police have devised to help promote giving within the community. Coffee Run, sponsored by Atomica Coffee, is a campaign whereby volunteers go door to door to local offices offering them a free coffee to kick start their day. Whilst fulfilling the order they leave a ‘calling card’ behind with a campaign web address and a login code, which takes them to a page where they can donate to support the campaign or charities across ten categories.

The concept behind Karma Police was developed by founder; John Burgess, local marketer. ‘I wanted to do more with my bit to make a difference and whilst at a ‘speakeasy’ in New York last year I came up with the concept that I felt could be a game changer with the card mechanic.’

JB&Alex‘What if by giving someone a simple coffee, they chose to show their gratitude by donating something to someone in need.’ It was the realisation of starting a conversation about giving, by giving instead of asking for something that was the key to changing the charitable dynamics.

In addition to street campaigns, Karma Police hopes to use the local learning to offer business insights and strategy into developing effective initiatives to improve their socio-environmental credentials. ‘Karma Corporate’ is the B2B Corporate Social Responsibility part to the business model that hopes to use its simple 3-step plan to introduce effective outcomes.

Karma Police is currently aligned with three charities; Red Dust Role Models, The Reach Foundation and Kiva but hopes to expand this to ten in the New Year to have a charity partner in each category. The areas it has identified for people to direct their gratitude are; the environment, animal welfare, poverty, asylum seekers, youth, indigenous, 3rd world, social justice and micro finance.

Karma Police will be launching new campaigns in the New Year around free exercise sessions and music performances and is currently seeking volunteers and investment to promote the business effectively in 2014.


John Burgess
Karma Police, Chief

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Karma Police Launches in Australia

Karma Police – a social enterprise that ‘invests in giving’ has opened its doors in Melbourne Australia with the aim of promoting the social benefits around giving and showing gratitude.

Recent studies have shown that these interlinked concepts can play a huge part in affecting the mental and emotional state of social consciousness that the has flow on affects with people’s health and well-being.

The way in which Karma Police delivers its objectives is by way of community campaigns and corporate social responsibility strategy for local business seeking to improve their socio/eco credentials. Community campaigns are easily accessible initiatives designed to give something to every day Australians without obligation. Recipients of the Karma Police campaigns are given cards that have a web address affixed to which people can access and show their gratitude by supporting the campaign or one of twenty charity partners doing effective work over ten key areas of need.

These areas include;

The Environment, Animal Welfare, The Aged, Youth, Indigenous, Asylum Seekers, Social Justice, Poverty, Micro Finance and the Third World.

In addition to these supporting these campaigns financially, members of the community can volunteer their time to help or purchase an annual membership that includes donations to the campaigns and charity of your choice.

Founder; John Burgess says the ‘corporate side of our work compliments this well as it takes the data and learning from work in the field and provides clients with insights as to what people are responding to in our community.‘

‘The idea of Karma Police came to me when travelling last year in the U.S and seeking a change, I desperately wanted to work on something that mattered. This funny enough was the title of one of the books that inspired me the most – TOMS, Blake Mycoskie’.

I went to a ‘speakeasy’ whilst in NY and thought I could combine some of the elements that made the speakeasy such a great experience with the aim of promoting giving and gratitude. Twelve months later we are standing at the cusp ready to launch and dive head first.’

For more information on Karma Police check out the website – www.karmapolice.com.au or contact the guys on info@karmapolice.com.au